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Terminals are responsible for the graph edition :

  • You can create a Wire by dragging a terminal to another one
  • You can destroy all the wires connected to a terminal by clicking on the scissors

Terminals have various configuration options, such as the number of wires that can be connected to them, wether they are editable or not, or style informations about the wires that are connected. Check out this example to see some of those properties in action.

At this time, two Terminals can only be connected using one Wire only.

Getting Started

To include the source files for Terminal and its dependencies, first load the YUI seed file, the WireIt seed file, and set the path to the WireIt build directory.

<script src=""></script>
<script src="../../build/wireit-loader/wireit-loader.js"></script>
<script>YUI_config.groups.wireit.base = '../../build/';</script>

Next, create a new YUI instance for your application and populate it with the modules you need by specifying them as arguments to the YUI().use() method. YUI will automatically load any dependencies required by the modules you specify.

// Create a new YUI instance and populate it with the required modules.
YUI().use('terminal', function (Y) {
    // Terminal is available and ready for use. Add implementation
    // code here.

Using Terminal

Quick Start