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Getting Started

WireIt is a library, so it is meant to be used by developers. Here are some of the prerequisites before starting to use the library :

  • You should be able to serve the files locally (setup a local HTTP server or embed into your application)
  • Have a good knowledge of Javascript
  • Have a good knowledge of the YUI library
  • It is strongly recommanded to have Node.js installed

Building components

We use shifter to build WireIt's modules.

To install shifter :

$ [sudo] npm install -g shifter

To build the 'container' module :

$ cd src/container
$ shifter

To build all modules at once :

$ cd src
$ shifter --walk

WARNING: to build the wireit-loader module, you will need to use the --no-jsstamp option :

$ cd src/wireit-loader
$ shifter --no-jsstamp

Building user guides and examples pages

We are using selleck to build the examples and user guide pages.

To install shifter :

$ [sudo] npm install -g selleck

To build all docs :

$ selleck --out docs

Building the API documentation

The API documentation is build using YUIDocJS.

To install YUIDocJS :

$ [sudo] npm install -g yuidocjs

From the main directory, type :

$ yuidoc src

It should generate the doc in the api/ folder.