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Welcome to WireIt 3.0.0pr2 !

WireIt is an open-source javascript library, to create full-web graph editors for dataflow applications, visual programming languages, graphical modeling, or graph editors.

It is built on top of the YUI3 library.

It is available under a MIT License and is free for all uses.

This is the static documentation for WireIt 3.0.0pr2. For the most up-to-date, searchable docs, please visit the WireIt website.


Directory Contents

This package contains the following directories:

  • api Generated API docs for the entire library in HTML format.

  • build Built WireIt source files. This is what you should load on your web pages. The built files are generated at development time from the contents of the src directory. The build step generates debug files (unminified and with full comments and logging), raw files (unminified, but without debug logging), and minified files (suitable for production deployment and use).

  • docs User guides and examples for WireIt components

  • lib External dependencies (only inputEx for now)

  • sandbox Legacy code or work in progress

  • src Raw unbuilt source code (JavaScript, CSS, image assets, etc.) for the library. The individual component directories under the src directory contain build.json files which can be used to build individual modules using the shifter Builder. (learn more on how to build components)