Why WireIt won't run on svg (yet...) even using Raphaël.js

Even tough Raphaël.js is awesome, my experiment to make WireIt run on it failed.

The advantages of using Raphaël.js for WireIt would be great :

A demo on Raphael website sums it all: http://raphaeljs.com/graffle.html

Bref, ca commence à faire beaucoup de raisons pour abandonner le hack du canvas...

Y'a une bonne vidéo de présentation faite par son créateur à la JSConf: http://jsconf.blip.tv/file/3731552/

No support for foreing objects

foreignObject seemed like the perfect property to store any kind of HTML within containers. However, forget it on IE, because Raphael is using VML to render the SVG.

We could add a layer with HTML elements absolutely positionned over the SVG, but things would get nasty...

All is not lost !

For some use cases, it would be awesome: planarGame

What if the library could use both ?