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v0.0.1a - developer preview

Visual scripting for the web, Pipes for hackers, using Node.js, and mongoDB


WebHookIt provides a visual programming paradigm to create simple webservices, mashups, web application integrations, composability between webservices, event-driven web programming, ... in short program the web.

WebHookIt is an open-source project, released under MIT license.

A limited hosted demo is hosted on Joyent

Features / Design goals

Use cases

  • dead simple webservices
  • widgets for a website
  • create Mashups
  • Webhooks listeners
    • Notifications I wish I could get notiļ¬cations exactly how I want
    • data synching I wish my web apps would keep overlapping data in sync
    • chaining I wish I could make another app do something when I use this app.
    • modification I wish I could make this app work just slightly differently.
    • plugins I wish I could let my users extend/build plugins for my app.

How we are different from Yahoo! Pipes ?

First, we do not want to be a clone of Yahoo! Pipes. Surely, the interface was the inspiration, but the scope of WebHookIt is much broader. The main reason of this project is to have deeper control over every part of the system.

WebHookIt sits in middle of Yahoo! Pipes and services like Scriptlets,, or Tarpipe

  • no run limitations
  • control cache policies
  • built-in cron system to call pipes on demand
  • better RESTful integration
  • customizable
  • integrate with your private systems
  • interacting with the web of objects
  • run system commands
  • code modules in ruby, python etc...
  • access to filesystem

Of course, we lose some features :

  • Not a hosted service : but it is quite easy to install freely on Joyent
  • Social aspect : We plan to provide a community packet manager to share wirings in the future


WebHookIt is still alpha. If you wish to support this project, you can Donate below.

Donations will be used for development, maintenance and promotion of this project.

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